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Retr0bright & radio collecting

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A lot has been written about Retr0bright in the last few years - most of it aimed at vintage computer / games collectors, but also by & for groups as diverse as telephone collectors & Imperial Stormtroopers - but it seems there's been surprisingly little discussion about it amongst radio collectors. I suspect that's partly because most collectors focus on older wood or Bakelite sets, partly because of an assumption that it really only works on white or other light coloured ABS components, and partly because of the long-held belief that yellowed plastic = the set belonged to a chain smoker who sat in front of it all day and is therefore irretrievably tainted…

But there's a fair number of collectable sets with ABS cases out there (many 1950's & 60's mantle radios come to mind), it's not only white/light-coloured ABS that suffers from bromine yellowing, and cigarette tar is actually fairly easy to clean off*.

Have a look at these before-and-after photos of a grey 1955/56 AWA 565MA I've been working on:

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