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Congratulations to the Yahoo DRMNA Forum…

Thursday, September 07, 2017

… he's your idiot now 😂.

Oh, he's been there for years - since 2005, I think - but now, thanks to his main haunt disappearing, his special brand of half-baked belligerent ignorance is all yours.

Contact me if you want some background. Good luck. You're going to need it…

… and then a miracle occurred …

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I've mentioned before the RF noise that plagues my location - weird 'nodes' of noise/hash & re-radiated IM all around my suburb that pretty much wipe out the LW/AM/lower SW bands on normal receivers, with one particularly bad 'node' centred around the main switchboard & pay TV distribution boxes for my block that are right underneath one corner of my unit.

And now it's gone.

HP 6236B win!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Well, it can't all be about radios...

I've been after a decent general-purpose power supply for a while, to finally retire the old 40V 3A EA/DSE kit I've been using for the last …mumble… years. Although it wasn't one of EA's greatest designs I'd managed to tame / live with its worst issues, but I'd decided it was time to look for something better.

Unfortunately, when you can't justify multiple $100's for your hobby there ain't much in the way of choice. Affordable new ones are cheap & nasty, switchmode, or both - problems when using it for/near RF & sensitive electronics. I toyed with the idea of designing & building one, but by the time you add up the basic parts (case + transformer(s) + heatsink(s)) it starts heading into expensive territory. Second-hand, the local used tools & equipment economy seems to work on the "buy high, sell even higher" principle and prices are ridiculous. I'd resigned myself to living with the old kit for a while longer - when I saw a HP 6236B on eBay USA.

±0-20V @ 0.5A. 0-6V @ 3A. "Powers on, untested". ~AU$30 + ~AU$60 postage (via eBay's Global Shipping Program).


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