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HP 6236B: Adding multi-turn pots

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Yeah, I know, this is so simple it hardly deserves writing up, does it? But today on a fairly popular blog I read a post about changing a knob that was little more than "loosen grub screw, replace knob, tighten grub screw", plus nearly a dozen "before/during/after" pictures 😳. So I figured 'hey, just this once …' 😊

Nice as my HP 6236B is, one minor complaint is that setting the voltage is just a little finicky. The manual states the "resolution" as ±70mV for the 20V rails (±20mV for the 6V rail), and that's certainly achievable if you have a deft touch - but, in practice, it's more like 150~200mV. That's more than good enough 90% of the time, and it's rock-stable - but sometimes you want just a little better precision.

So I decided to change out the original 300° single-turn pots for some multi-turn units…

Original pot on left, replacements on right (apologies for pic quality all-round today!)

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