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HP 6236B win!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Well, it can't all be about radios...

I've been after a decent general-purpose power supply for a while, to finally retire the old 40V 3A EA/DSE kit I've been using for the last …mumble… years. Although it wasn't one of EA's greatest designs I'd managed to tame / live with its worst issues, but I'd decided it was time to look for something better.

Unfortunately, when you can't justify multiple $100's for your hobby there ain't much in the way of choice. Affordable new ones are cheap & nasty, switchmode, or both - problems when using it for/near RF & sensitive electronics. I toyed with the idea of designing & building one, but by the time you add up the basic parts (case + transformer(s) + heatsink(s)) it starts heading into expensive territory. Second-hand, the local used tools & equipment economy seems to work on the "buy high, sell even higher" principle and prices are ridiculous. I'd resigned myself to living with the old kit for a while longer - when I saw a HP 6236B on eBay USA.

±0-20V @ 0.5A. 0-6V @ 3A. "Powers on, untested". ~AU$30 + ~AU$60 postage (via eBay's Global Shipping Program).


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